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 Director/Executive Producer

Born and raised in a one-bedroom apartment with three older siblings in an impoverished area of Norfolk, VA; Daryl “D” Towe (Daryl Lamar), locked in and watched as his parents did what it took to make sure their family stayed afloat. Later, while trying to find his place in society and make his mark, “D” turned to basketball, playing at various levels, even professionally overseas. However, when the ball stopped bouncing and eventually went flat, helplessness began to set in.


What happened next? The development of a home-grown, true to the 7-5-7, black filmmaker was born. A man set out to build a legacy while living out his dream. As a former player of the AAU Godfather and powerhouse, Boo Williams, known both internationally and across the nation. Daryl Towe mans the task of making the introduction to those in the world who just don’t know, who? Boo!


“Who is Boo| The Legend Behind the Name” is an epic new era film. Destined to be the best basketball documentary ever released.

DTowe NSU.jpg

Writer/Executive Producer

Kyrica “Ky” Veney, grew up in the countryside of Maryland, but currently resides in the Washington Metropolitan area. The writer and executive producer has a background in corporate marketing and independent films. Making her writing and directorial debut in the short film, “I think I May, I think I Might,” the self-published author is currently working on her second book, a documentary short, and her first full feature independent film. Ky’s main career goal is to write, produce, and direct a line of independent films for her own production company.

Kyrica Veney - Conquering Purpose .jpg

Director of Photography

Antion Downs, Chicago native, is a photographer by profession. The Director of Photography provides a plethora of knowledge and insight on the concept of working smarter not harder. Although photography is his grassroots, filmmaking has become a part of Antion’s brand, serving as DP on several independent short films. Antion is also a crew member within the production of “#Roland Martin Unfiltered” with American Journalist, Roland Martin.

Antion Downs - Conquering Purpose Prod..jpg

 Assistant Director of Photography 

Cinematographer, Lamont Warren, is based out of Southern Maryland. With a background in IT, Lamont brings the technical expertise when it comes to the best-of-the-best equipment to capture those “out of the box” creative shots. By way of photography, filmmaking has become a passion of Lamont’s as he currently embarks on a career in independent filmmaking. Although he enjoys a variety of genres, Lamont finds biblical history to be his main area of interest.

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