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The Story

Imagine Tony Stark as he stands in front of an AI vision board putting together the pieces of a masterplan. Then take the Black Godfather, Clarence Avant, and morph the two together. This is Marcellus “Boo” Williams, one of the most powerful and influential men in the world of basketball. Despite the odds stacked against him, this black insurance agent ignited the youth basketball culture in Hampton, Virginia, and turned it into a global empire while becoming royalty in a billion-dollar industry.


In the multi-part documentary series, “Who is Boo? | The Legend Behind the Name,” we follow the intertwined levels of basketball from AAU to college, to the professional leagues, as we explore the impact on countless lives of players made privy to the “Boo experience;” including several faces of the NBA.


Take a journey through the childhood, high school days, college years, and time spent in Belfast, Ireland where the legendary Grassroots Hall of Famer strategized in preparation for his illuminating future. Despite his own adversities and being present to help see others through theirs, Boo Williams still managed to produce some of the great basketball legends, football stars, politicians, musicians, entrepreneurs, Olympians, and more, from the “757.”


Before Nike became “Nike,” there was Boo. Before Allen Iverson became “A.I” and Alonzo Mourning became “Alonzo Mourning,” there was Boo. The Boo Williams Summer League Program helped to not only launch careers, but also BIG BRANDS, at the same time becoming a thriving brand itself that has transcended going on four decades. Not to mention, the brand that helped to save basketball.

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I think the Boo Williams documentary will mirror the "Last Dance". It will have that kind of impact and influence that had us waiting and wanting more. 

- Dawn Staley

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